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Welcome to the website of Jim Shanahan — I am an Artist and Author.

Desert of the Blue Stones. 2004. Oil on Canvas. This was the painting that inspired my first novel, The Serpent of Time. The painting itself was inspired by a dream I had in the 1990’s.

Welcome to my website. Here you can find my Art, (oil paintings, acrylic paintings, drawings and digital art), some Poetry I like, and also my Writing Projects.

This website shall update with all my new creative projects. You will in time be able to purchase my work here, art and books. The site is still being developed. Enjoy! Jim 2024.

This is my first novel.

The Serpent of Time.

It is available on Amazon as printbook, ebook and on kindle unlimited.

A desperate quest in a strange and beautiful land.

Ember Willowleaf is afraid — but she must not give up — the Outer Lands are waiting for those brave enough to enter them and fate has dealt the cards that she now must play.

Join her on a quest to save herself, her friends and the world she has known — a voyage that will take her to the edge of eternity itself.

The story can be enjoyed by all ages. It contains no swear words.

My second novel.

Unknown Realms.

It is in the LitRPG Genre which means basically it is a Role-Playing Game type adventure, where the character is subject to a game-like environment.

The novel is the first of a series, which is already well into the second book.